How We Survived Horror Con...

How We Survived Horror Con...

Horror Con was downright horrific, but in a good way!

When you think Valentines weekend, you think of couples and lovers headed out for dinner and a movie. But that sounds kinda boring, unless that movie was Deadpool maybe?

All the cool people were all hanging out with us at the very first Horror Con in Winnipeg, put on by the awesome crew of the Central Canada Comic Con or C4 Winnipeg for short.

Horror Cosplay fun - Ash & Jason kill Freddy

 Masks, Brains and Spooky, Oh My!

There were many folks that came to take in so many different activities, the steady Saturday stream of fans who met Kane Hodder, better known as Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th movies, to those who came to find unique gory goods from talented artists to battling it out with zombie killing challenges to talking about writing the best horror stories.

 The Con has something pretty unique to experience for everyone in the deep dark of winter for everyone-even BRAINS for zombies!

Stellar Evolution Designs sells brains at horro con

I even had the pleasure of hanging out with 204TheHitz Jimmy Mac and did an interview, chatting about horror crafting, Jason mask soap, what it's like to be a Creative Mastermind, oh, and inquiring about custom made gitch!


Happy Vendors

I will admit, I'm still a newbie vendor to these type of events and LOVE chatting with other vendors with experience as well as all the folks who come through the doors!

I'm partial to Evil Dead, and had so much fun cosplaying as Ash's mash up of a 50's Housewife to show off my Chainsaw Oven Mitts I created, along with my snazzy paper mache Necronomicon casserole prop and SPOONSTICK!

Stellar Evolution Designs at Horror Con Winnipeg

My mashup costume entertained many, and, to my surprise, even had a few ask to purchase the evil mock baked good! Note to self, next year, make more Necornomicon (I'm actually working on a matching set of pot holders with Necronomicon faces...stay tuned by signing up to my newsletter!)

 Necronomicon casserole prop

Many vendors weren't sure how many folks to expect to come through the doors, but Winnipeg's horror loving community didn't disappoint! I'm now hearing the numbers were over 4000 blood lovers came on down!


A HUGE THANKS to all of you who came out to make this event a great success and a round of applause to the behind the scenes ghouls and deadites that ran the show to perfection!Thank you Horror Con

I'm hoping they can resurrect this event next year and we can all gather again to pay our respects to this genre we all love!

Stay groovy and see you at Pop Culture Expo in April!

Pop Culture Con Winnipg April 2016