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My Imaginary “May the Fourth be with You” Party

Jedi Jedi puppy May the 4th Star Wars Stormtroopers Vader

Wishing all the Star Wars fans a great and joyous Star Wars Day! Here is how I would choose to celebrate May the 4th, in my own quirky way of course….if money and reality were no object…

Strike up the band for today’s celebrations!

Jedi band


Invite the Doctor…and steal that scarf…

The 4 doctor who


Find an adorable jedi….

Jedi puppy

Entertainment includes these swinging cats….

Jedi cats with lightsabers

Vader, you’re drunk, go home…

Vader on a unicycle
By the end of today….Batman lets loose.
batman may the fourth

I hope you enjoyed my imaginary May the fourth party!  Cheers to all!

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