Winnipeg Pop Culture Expo

Winnipeg Pop Culture Expo

Pop Culture Con Winnipg April 2016

It's a pop culture party and everyone's invited!

The Winnipeg Pop Culture Expo celebrates everything you love: music, movies, comic books, art, video games, toys and much, much more! Come see our unique mix of artists, exhibitors and vendors, April 9th & 10th at the RBC Convention Centre. Tickets are just $10 at Ticketmaster.

Want more info on what's happening? Head on over to the C4 Winnipeg page!

We're So There!

We will be there with a booth along the wall, showcasing the geeky and gory goods in fabric, yarn and 3D print! I'm not sure what I will be wearing, but I'm sure it will be fun!

If anyone wants to place orders now for me to bring and pick up rather than ship, that can be arranged as well! Start shopping now!

We love meeting all you awesome people, so come by and say hi, tell us your fav TV, movie, or other pop culture crush and we'll all get along smashingly!