Event Recap: Pop Culture Con

Event Recap: Pop Culture Con

Stellar Evolution Designs at Winnipeg Pop Culture Con 2016

Fantasy turns into reality at Pop Culture Expo!

I am always amazed and truly happy to meet so many great fans out at each and every C4 event!

Pop Culture Expo was no exception! On April 9 & 10th, 2016, I got to greet first time attendees and explain what happens at these events, say hi to past friends and vendors, and chat with returning customers who gave me stellar feedback on items they had purchased previously!

I also got to launch some great new geeky items!! You can now find them popping up in my shop!

Dr. Horrible coin purse

Many Faces of Baby - Supernatural

Fantasy to Reality at Cons

The other thing I've begun to realize is that most "non-con" folks don't understand that these events aren't necessarily a "total escape into fantasy" but I see them rather as a place where us self proclaimed geeks turn fantasy into reality. Allow me to expand on that idea...

We attend Cons to meet up with like minded fans that love the same things we do, from literature, comics, movies, tv to video games, pop culture, physics and anything neat and mind blowing in between.

We gather to meet real people in a real place at a real time in space. We want to peek behind the scenes and meet the real actor who portrayed our favourite characters in film and tv, or see the real props used in the episodes. We want to have a REAL experience.

Freedom to Play

Now, some fans enjoy having the freedom to play, with cosplay. While it seems fantasy like to outsiders, I see it as taking your favouite fantastical characters and bringing them to life, in this reality...how cool is that?!?! 

Generally, it is so cool, that folks want to take photos of you...so how more real can you get?  For more photos from the Winnipeg Pop Culture Expo, check out our Facebook photo group.

And showing kids that it's ok to have fun and dress up when you're a grown up seems fabulous to me as well! Us grown ups have to "dress up" daily, as "bankers" or "hipsters" to match some societal norm (on occasion, remember, I've had blue hair..not always conforming is fun!) so I think having a few events where we all get to clown around is two thumbs up in my books!

Kudos to You

In conclusion, I just want to say that without all of the fans who participate in the reality of the Con, there would be no Con. 


I can't wait to see you in Artist Alley out at Comic Con in October

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