Event Recap: Sing Along with Horrible Feeling, Once More... Season Two!

Event Recap: Sing Along with Horrible Feeling, Once More... Season Two!

What do you get when you cross energetic fans, noise makers, smartly written Joss Whedon drama-dies, set to music? 

You get a fantastic night of singing, laughing and an inclusion with a group that is so special and awesome, there may not be words to express it, but I will try...

I was lucky enough to have gotten in touch with the lovely Kendra, organizer extraordinaire, who started this "horrible" event, who asked to purchase some of my geeky goods as prizes for the event. Of course, upon learning of this amazing event, I also wanted, no, NEEDED to attend it on May 3rd, 2016!

Park Theatre hosts wpgdrbuffy 2016


So the Casa Burrito serving team arrived and got ready to feed any hungry attendees who were coming direct from work. I put the finishing touches on my display.

set up at wpgdrbuffy 2016

Fans started showing up. All were wearing smiles of excitement, some in casual clothes, others wearing...


This is where favourite characters took to the stage! Elliana Gilbert Photography was on site snapping photos throughout the night to catch all the wonderful and inventive costumes, the crowd action and pure joy! Head over here to check out her photo album of all the monsters and heroes!

Evil league of evil wpgdrbuffy 2016

Costumes wpgdrbuffy 2016


A more glorious choir I have not heard..."all the birds are singing that you're going to die!" It was so much fun getting to A) listen to a full house belting out the songs, B) listening to the "breaking heart" noise makers (think "Christmas crackers" sound) used when a fan felt that Joss broke their heart during the show (so often), and C) join in wholeheartedly!

Dr horrible and Captain Hammer wpgdrbuffy 2016

Laugh, gasp, oooh and AH AHH AHH AHH (evil laugh) were all sounds that were allowed to be let out freely and enjoyed by all!


Many folks partook of the tacos from Casa Burrito and drink specials, which were very tasty and kept the energy levels up!

Magic Box photo booth was there for fans to have fun shots with awesome backgrounds from Dr. Horrible, Buffy, Firefly, and more. Thetardisphotobooth.ca teamed up with this event to put this together and gave a deal to those who brought tins for the bin to give to Winnipeg Harvest, to make Penny proud of course!

Magic box photobooth wpgdrbuffy 2016

The Amazing costume designer behind Kendra's Tara costume...Britt Ross, was right beside me with a table to answer any costume questions, and judge the costume contest too! Here is Kendra in her lovely Tara dress with her friend Buffy aka Heather aka uber Buffy fan!

buffy and tara wpgdrbuffy 2016

There was also a beautifully sung Firefly theme song by Geekdom House Incantatem Ensemble Choir! Hop over to here to take a listen and get goosebumps! (and yes, those are 'hearts breaking' cracker sounds at the end that you hear, sniff, sniff. Also listen/watch for the timing of song lyrics to Wash's picture, too soon?!)

Geekdom house wpgdrbuffy 2016


This episode is a classic with Buffy fans, as well as in TV history, so as soon as it got rolling, everyone was all in, the whole way! Yelling at Dawn, cat-calling at Spike, cheering, sounding the trumpets (aka kazoos), and belting out the songs as members of the Scooby gang.

Want an audible taste of what it is like to join the audience?

Check out this video of a portion of the crowd and their singing, noise makers and fun!

And another video for the big finish of the festivities!

Crowd at wpgdrbuffy 2016


Throughout the evening, we were entertained and rewarded for knowledge of trivia, best costumes and door prizes for ticket numbers, with some sweet prizes being awarded at the end of the night too! It was great to see the winners of a few of my geeky coin purses and a Slayer scarf so excited to have won them!

Cobra Collectables even brought this awesome Angel Puppet as a prize that was just so full of fluff and cuteness...and I was ONE number away...awe!!! So Close!!

Angel puppet wpgdrbuffy 2016

ONCE MORE NEXT YEAR...May 2nd, 2017!

I bet you're wondering, how can I get in on this awesomeness? A few lucky folks already purchased their tickets yesterday evening as they had 50 at the show-and all 50 are spoken for already! That means only 200 remain....well, more like 197 as I purchased 3 last night...

Here's the link where you can now order your tickets online, I recommend not waiting: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1170133

I can't wait to do it all again next year, here's me in my fuzzy and geeky Willow getup along with the Slayer!

willow and buffy wpgdrbuffy 2016

Until then, I will have to make do with singing the tunes at home with my dogs...or perhaps continue geeking out with my new Whedonverse friends I made at the event!