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William Shatner and I...

C4 Comic Con Star Trek Upcoming Events

I have a number of projects on the go for the River City Comic & Toy Expo on June 19th, which you should come by and geek out at with me!

With so many projects I couldn't decide on which one to feature for a work in progress Wednesday! So I'm taking you on a slight detour...cause this came into my inbox and I thought it might make you giggle too...

LOL at the Internet...

Sometimes I don't realize the breadth of the internet or realize how things appear to other geeks...till I had some Trekkie relatives all giddy and excited as they sent me a screenshot of the C4 Winnipeg's Homepage of their website.

William Shatner and I-C4 Winnipeg Hompage

And yep, in the centre, there's little ol'me, in my Ash/50's Housewife Mashup Cosplay, proudly representing all the awesome vendors and artist alley booking right beside Mr. Shatner, representing himself and all the guests at this year's Con! Two images I never, ever thought would be put side by side!

The internet is a weird and wonderful place my fellow fans....I look forward to geeking out with you, and Shatner, at C4 Con in October! 

PS. Tickets for the Con are now available!

Captain Kirk funny Shatner Star Trek


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