Upcoming Event: Valentine's Fling, Accessible, Feb 11th, 2018

Upcoming Event: Valentine's Fling, Accessible, Feb 11th, 2018

VAlentines Fling-winnipeg-feb 11-2018

It's almost here!!! Are you coming???  I love Sheila, the wonderful organizer for the past Half Moon Market (fall and spring) and maker of Shiver Soaps

Here is me out at one of her events, see I'm just a bit pumped to be there!

Stellar Evolution Designs at Fall Half Moon Market in Winnipeg Manitoba

She has now upped her out-of-the-box craft show organizing game by taking on a larger venue to showcase some of Manitoba's most outrageously talented and creative makers, bakers and others, whom may not "fit in" to the fancy pants juried shows. She also has a fresh/new vendors rule that she uses to help new crafters get a foot in the door to the crafting marketplace.

Yes, I guess, I may be a bit bias as I am one of those makers who doesn't generally fit into a nice checkbox either, which is why I LOVE her shows!

Tell us you are coming! Head to the Facebook event link.

Accessible for ALL!

I also live with multiple sclerosis and unfortunately, the Kings Head venue isn't wheelchair accessible. 

Now, I am not wheelchair bound, but on bad days have weakness and fatigue issues, so it can be really tough to access personally without my wheelie cart and a helper, never mind adding stairs! (even with the large effort put out by Sheila and her sturdy volunteers to assist me up the stairs-see so awesome!)

PLUS I think everyone should have access to all this talent Manitoba has to offer!

I am thankful for the opportunity to try out this new accessible venue and hope more attendees will feel more comfortable that there are fewer barriers to come on out for the day with accessible devices!

Meet the Makers

There will be such a wide range of unique goodness that one just really has to come and experience the atmosphere, have a chat with the local makers and see what weird and wonderful gifts and treasures this market has to offer.

Plus it's a great date idea (wink, wink) or a wonderful chance to do some self-gifting because dammit you matter too!

What will I Bring to the Fling?

I have a few new styled Lola Domed Handbags in Star Wars sample fabrics, or you can custom order your own, popular Happy Uterus coin purses, Unisex Wallets and other small geek gifts and unique 3d printed miniatures!

I look forward to meeting and discussing any and all things with you on Sunday, Feb 11th!