2nd annual winkler comic con, monday feb 19th, louis riel day, 10am to 10pm garden valley collegiate

Upcoming Event: Winkler Comic Con, Feb 19, 2018

winkler comic con 2018

It is time to bring the geekiness to the rural Manitoba prairies! On Holiday Monday, Feb, 19th, 2018, I will once again head out to Winkler, MB to geek it up with the lovely fans at the 2nd annual Winkler Comic Con!

I had a great time last year and met so many who were just super pumped to have their very own Comic Con in Winkler, kids in costumes, adults in costumes, folks from Morden and around the area who loved that they could show up and find the one collectable they were searching for, people who found out about local makers of geeky things right in their own backyards, fans who could just have a whole day to geek out about their fav superheroes and others who just enjoyed watching the costumes contests and taking it all in! It was an amazing day!

Doctor Who fan at Winkler comic con 2017

This year they aim to do it again! There are many activities to attend, from panels about building props to tabletop gaming and movies all day to one man star wars show at night they have much on the schedule to keep you entertained.

There were a few bumps in the road as a vendor, like no bathroom breaks, but I'm sure the planning committee will have all that worked out for year #2 and I can't wait to return with some new creations and to visit with fans I didn't get a chance to see out at other events this year! 

So please feel free to come by and say hi, I'd love to geek out with you at my Stellar Evolution Design Booth again, or for the first time at this year's Winkler Comic Con!

For the full schedule and any other FAQ's visit the Winkler Comic Con website.