BJD MSD, Minifee, Unoa PETITE Geek Glasses - White

  • white minifee glasses
  • white minifee glasses
  • BJD MSD, Minifee, Unoa PETITE Geek Glasses - White
  • BJD MSD, Minifee, Unoa PETITE Geek Glasses - White
  • petite frames for minifee
  • BJD MSD, Minifee, Unoa PETITE Geek Glasses - White
  • BJD MSD, Minifee, Unoa PETITE Geek Glasses - White
  • BJD MSD, Minifee, Unoa PETITE Geek Glasses - White
  • BJD MSD, Minifee, Unoa PETITE Geek Glasses - White
  • Black bjd nerd glasses for MSD Minifees

BJD MSD, Minifee, Unoa PETITE Geek Glasses - White


For PETITE FACED 1:4 scale ball jointed dolls (BJD's), dolls with wig size 5/6/7 these classy yet nerdy white glasses will smarten up the look of your MSD or are cute for ball jointed animals! Best fit for dolls with more delicate features like Minifees or Unoa's.

I have included measurements which differ from the regular BJD MSD frames in the shop. I have also shown photos below showing these petite frames and the Regular MSD glasses on my larger MSD doll that will hopefully help you decide which will fit your dolllie the best. 

I prefer my Minifee Sircca to wear these Petite MSD glasses and my Little Sophia wear the other Regular MSD glasses.

Pros of 3D Printed PLA Glasses:

  • Printed in a softer coloured plastic, not painted, there is no worry of paint rubbing off and marking up faces.
  • They are shipped flat for easier delivery. 
  • They are easily heated and moldable to fit your doll upon arrival to you! You get to do the shaping of the frames to fit your doll! You will receive pdf instructions emailed directly to you but see below for all the details.
  • If you really wished to paint them, you could using nail polish, acrylic paint or enamel paints.
  • You could decorate them with bling! After shaping them, feel free to use crazy glue to place some shiny on your frames!
  • Once on your doll I'd love to see them, so be sure to tag and follow me on IG at


  • I first designed these glasses based loosely on models I'd love to wear! 
  • I then 3D printed them at home and made sure they fit my MSD doll as well as others in our local BJD group. For specific fit description see Measurements photo below.
  • I ship them encased in cardboard for protection.
  • You will receive one extra pair of practice glasses to check fit!


    • Scaled for most 1:4 scale dolls that wear wig size 5/6/7 like Minifee and Unoa-See photo with measurements. Depending on where you place the bend, measurements can be tweaked to best fit your own doll.
    • Modeled by my Minifee Sircca on Moe line body with wig size 6 and by my 41cm MSD Little Monica Little Sophia BJD with wig size 7/8.
    • I prefer my Minifee Sircca to wear these Petite MSD glasses and my Little Sophia wear the other Regular MSD glasses.

Now available in two versions, Flat-Bend at Home or Pre-Bent:

Flat-Bend at home: Saves on cost of shipping and you have the power to shape them to your doll's unique features for the best fit! You will also receive a practice pair of glasses to refine your technique. Watch the video below for a demonstration.

Pre-Bent: I'm happy to provide a pre-bending service for one pair of glasses and ship glasses in a more protected, slightly larger box for you. 

They will come with a 90-degree bend in the arms and once received they can be slightly tweaked if required. Please view the video below for demonstrations.


    Here is a video tutorial about how to shape the glasses using 3 methods of heat:

    • straightening iron,
    • blow dryer, or
    • hot water.

    PDF instructions will also be emailed once you order your glasses! 


      • Once bent, protect in a case or your dollie's purse when travelling.
      • Remove from doll when travelling to prevent possible scratches to faceups


      • In stock items will ship in 3-5 business days.
      • Otherwise, this item is custom ordered and usually takes approx. 2 week creation time.
      • Please note: Should you have a particular timeline in mind, or if this item is a gift, please message me to let me know or visit our FAQ's for more info. 


      I create many things that can be customized so get in touch with me!

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