Handmade Geekery and Gore for your Dolls!

I adore creating fashionable fandom themed accessories for your ball jointed dolls, dollhouses and dioramas using my sewing skills and 3D print abilities from the comfort of my geeky home. 

Stellar BJD Accessories and Props by Stellar Evolution Designs

Taking a hint from the most loved items that I sew for full-size fans, I have scaled down a few patterns and created adorable working pieces for your BJD's to flaunt their Fandoms or create their own custom Fandom Mash-ups!

BJD Accessories 

This Collection will include items such as Doctor Who, Pokemon, Pixellated, Alien Themed and more purses, messenger bags, wallets, wristlets and 3D printed glasses. Anything your doll might want to wear to look her or his geekiest or goriest! 

More items added daily...

3d printed BJD glasses

Doll Props and Decor

This Collection will include such items as plush replica weapons, such as Buffy's Scythe, as well as fandom fabric dollhouse decor, such as some Potter-riffic or Doctor Who pillows, quilts and more!

Think of me as your magical geeky BJD seamstress, I currently specialize in: 

  • 1/3 scale SD BJD purses, wristlets and home decor accessories

  • Matching sets of bags for yourself and your doll! Check out my full-size shop for inspiration.

  • Customize it! Let me know what fandom or prints your doll loves and I will help you hunt down fabric patterns, or create one!

Of course, items like housewares, such as pillows or blankets labeled for dolls may also meet the needs for other dolls! I always recommend getting out the measuring tape to see if it will meet your specific doll's needs to ensure order satisfaction!


Of course, I love turning fantasy into reality, so let me know what you are dreaming of, or if you have a different scale size of doll that really needs an item, as I would be happy to quote you a custom order for it!

Learn more about custom orders here.

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