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"Choose Your Own Fandom" Purse

Ever wanted a purse that changes looks as quickly as Diana Prince changes into Wonder Woman? 

Choose your own fandom purse by stellar evolution designs

Well that day has arrived! Meet the new "Choose Your Own Fandom" purse! The photo below displays the same purse with one hidden secret....

handmade purses-custom purses-choose your own fandom purse made by stellar evolution designs

Choose your own fandom purse by handmade by Stellar Evolution Designs

This perfect day to night to crime fighting purse has the right amount of room to hold your phone, wallet, keys and more and also includes a zipper pocket to help keep you organized.

The part that will make all your friends totally jealous is your ability to change the look of your purse at the drop of a hat, from a zombie bombshell lover, to a stellar Slayer, to a zombie fanatic, to a hunter obsessed, blueberry pie fan, to a clever Whovian, perhaps all in the same day! Or maybe that's all the things you have watched in one rainy day....either way...

You will be brilliant!

Choose your own fandom bag handmade by stellar evolution designs-CYOF bag-geeky bags

Remember, all the bags above are the SAME BAG just a different disc! Yay!

Bag Details

  • Bag dimensions are 8"W x 6.25"H x 2.5"D.
  • The flap has a magnetic closure that secures things when you need it but also allows easy access when you need to get stuff out.
  • The strap preference can also be altered, from an adjustable cross body to shorter, bowler type single strap if you prefer.
  • The lining fabric is customizable and the entire bag is handmade by yours truly.

Currently it is available in the following materials:

  • black vinyl (for the vegan friendly)
  • black heavy cotton twill (best if you are a button or pin collector and like to display them on your bag or strap)
Types of material - heavy cotton twill or vinyl

This helps keep things neutral while you showcase your fandoms to the max!

Should you wish to have a different exterior colour of one of the two offered materials, please let me know and I'd love to make your fantasy a reality!

The Secret Compartment

The secret compartment is hidden in the upper flap, which allows you to transform the overall theme and look of your purse in seconds!

Choose your own fandom bag inside flap-secret compartment for fabric fandom disc

It's magic really...lots of planning to create it, and some magic!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Remember those "Choose your own Adventure" books? Now you can, but in purse form!

Each disc holds one of your favourite fandom villains, heroes, themed colours, rainbows, geeky or gory patterns or can be custom printed with your very own art!

choose your own fandom purse xeno disc - stellar evolution designs-handmade geekery

Then you just easily slip the disc into the flap to have that new look anytime you want, to match your outfit, theme party, charitable cause, cosplay or Comic Con!

    Each purse pre-ordered comes with a set of two (2) discs, which would display four (4) looks, and the customizable lining, giving you a total of five (5) completely different looks in one awesome bag!

    slayer buffy choose your own fandom purse -handmade purses and bags by stellar evolution designs

    More about the discs:

    • They are completely washable with phosphate free detergent and best air dried.
    • More discs can be purchased for $10 each by request.
    • Multi packs and sets will be made available soon! (SEE Buffy Slayer Set!)

    I have access to thousands of different fabric patterns via my own collection and Spoonflower.com, and if it doesn't exist, I will create it for you!

    Now Taking Orders!

    If this handmade, adaptable "Choose Your Own Fandom" Purse is something you would like made into reality, now is the time! Pre-Orders will take approx 3-4 weeks for creation time.


    Each purse pre-ordered comes with a set of two (2) discs, which would display four (4) looks, and the customizable lining, giving you a total of five (5) completely different looks in one awesome bag!

    Please feel free to complete the order information below and I will be in touch with an order invoice to complete the transaction for your order.

    In your message, please be sure to inform me of the following:

    • Exterior of bag: vinyl or cotton twill
    • Strap preference: basic strap is an adjustable cross body strap 
    • Interior Lining: choose 1 fandom/pattern
    • Disc Fandoms: choose 4 fandoms/patterns
    • For fandoms I have on hand, feel free to browse my shop. If you have others that don't appear to be displayed, please include them in the message and I will respond with suggestions and samples.

    I will then contact you back with a response and invoice to complete the order, or answer any questions you may have, as I'm always happy to help!