The best part of being a maker is getting to meet all kinds of great creative people, from normal to nerdy! Even better is getting to collaborate with them to create new product offerings and fabric designs!

To give you a better idea of just how cool these folks are and what items they have had a helped me to create please feel free to click into their bios below!


 teeny tinkers dollsTeeny Tinkers Dolls began Summer of 2019, When she stumbled across the BJD hobby and fell in love with all the creative aspects of it.

Congrats to her first release of a doll she calls Hollow!

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Sarah Anderson collaborator with Stellar Evolution DesignsSarah has some killer collage skills, and helped me create my popular and giggleriffic Supernatural and Star Trek themed items!

Learn more about her Astrophysics studies, Sci-Fi Novel and where love of design all started!

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POND_RIPPLE - aka Brittney Ray

Brittney Ray Collaborator image Brittney digs into the depths of design and pulls at the heart of the matter, reaching new vivid colours and textures for her patterns! I have yet to explore all she has to offer, but I'm excited to get gory with her fabric designs!

Learn more about Pond_Ripple and get a sneak peak into this unique artists passion for design!
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