Looking to have a custom book bag created just for you or some literary lover in your life?

book cover bag

Everyone's a geek of something! Book covers can be created with or without handles, in nearly any fabric design you wish! 

Book bags are ideal for:

  • travelling
  • commuting to work
  • just to add a touch of luxury to your favourite paperback
  • gift giving to the die hard, old school readers in your life

The finished Book Bag has it's own bookmark attached so you will never lose your place. 

Simply insert the front and back covers of your favourite paperback into the finished book bag and off you go - your book is transformed into a beautiful bag, just open it to read. It's really easy, check out this video of how to install your book:



The finished Book Bag will cover an average paperback measuring up to 5" (13cms) wide by 7.7"(20cms) high by 1-1.6"(3-4cms) deep (max. approximately 500 pages). 

Potterhead House fabrics book bags for custom order from Stellar Evolution Designs


2-3 weeks
*if required for a gift, please be sure to order well in advance, as shipping time will also affect it's arrive in time for the big party or holiday!

$35 ea plus shipping

  book bag bookmark


Interested in placing an order? 

Head on over to the custom book bag listing for the final details on how to place the order-CLICK HERE 

Still have questions? Feel free to send me a message using the contact form below or sending it to brenda@stellarevolutiondesigns.com.

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