Needs a zipper pouch or sleeve to cover and protect that precious tablet, iPad or e-reader and want it covered in YOUR favourite fandom(s)?

Never fear, as I can help! 

Whether it is a Wacom, iPad or Kindle, you tell me the dimensions, and I will hand-craft a sleeve or a zipper pouch to hold it just for you!

Created from high-quality cotton and foam padding internally, these pouches are the perfect thing to protect those screens while carrying them around in your bag.

e-reader zipper pouch by stellar evolution designs

Fabric Selection

Feel free to browse my shop items for fabric ideas I carry, or my Fabric Designs section to head over to my Spoonflower Shop if you are uncertain of your Fandom desires or don't see them pictured on the site currently. 

Also, if you really loved, say, pugs, I could source that fabric for you that I don't generally keep on file for an extra fee of only $5. 

xenomorph aliens zipper pouch for ipads tablets ereaders by stellar evolution designs


Pricing will vary depending on the size of your device but generally ranges between $35-$50.

Creation Time*

2-3 weeks
*if required for a gift, please be sure to order well in advance, as shipping time will also affect its arrival in time for the big party or holiday!

Unicorn Zipper Pouch

Next Step

Send me your inquiry using the email form below with the following info:

  • Model of device/technology
  • Dimensions (helpful if you actually get out a ruler or measuring tape, as sometimes the manufacturing specs on the internet may be slightly different from your actual device.)
  • Exterior Fandom Fabric Desired
  • Interior Fandom Fabric Desired

I will then respond to your email request and give you a detailed quote and send fabric swatch images for your approval!

Still have questions? Feel free to send me a message using the contact form below or sending it to

Do you have a question? A suggestion? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!