Want a Tardis quilt? Want Dean Pajama pants?
Need a geeky diaper bag? Want your doll's glasses to match yours?

I would be happy to work with you to create a custom designed, coloured or fitted item!

Steps for Custom Ordering:

1. Pick a product:

2. Contact me to discuss order:

  • Get in touch and tell me which product tickles your fancy. 
  • I would be happy to let you know how much material to purchase for the project and the modified pricing of the project. 
  • I can also purchase fabric on your behalf.
  • Pockets can be added, zippers, longer or shorter straps, kid size, etc to make it truly yours!

3. Provide Payment:

  • Once we have planned for the details of your dazzling item and determined final cost I will send you an invoice for your complete product via email.
  • it is easy to make a payment through my secure website via Stripe which accepts nearly all forms of credit card payment, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Shopify Payments
  • All custom orders are paid in full prior to starting the project which allows me to purchase all the necessary goods and supplies for your project and do any design for your custom project.

4. Patience:

  • Item creation times are quoted in each item description.
  • It may take a week or two to get fabric delivered if ordered online, possibly longer if it is from the USA and is custom printed.
  • Once I have all items on hand my fun begins, crafting your item! 
  • Creation could take as little as a day to 1-2 weeks depending on the project.
  • I will keep you up to date on the process as it happens.
  • Check out reviews from other satisfied customers!

5. Shipping:

  • Method and cost will be determined at the time of ordering and will be included on the invoice.
  • Items over $150+ receive free shipping and tracking.
  • I will remind folks that if they need a custom item for a holiday or birthday, be sure to order well, I mean WELL in advance to avoid delay.  I have orders coming in for Christmas already….yep…

I hope that helps to clarify how you can get your own custom item created!

So now all you have to do is get in touch with me via the contact form below or email me at brenda@stellarevolutiondesigns.com!

Customers love their custom orders from Stellar Evolution Designs-and I love making them!

Do you have a question? A suggestion? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!