Turning your fabric, yarn and 3D print fantasies into geeky and gory reality!
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Origin Story

My name is Brenda and I am the Creative Mastermind behind Stellar Evolution Designs!

Brenda stellar evolution Designs
My strange and geeky business was born out of a love of crafting, science fiction and horror as well as a need to find a career that would be flexible enough to accommodate living with symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. I hide out in the rural prairies of St. Jean Baptiste, MB, constructing all things timey wimey and groovy.

Making Weird Things for Cool People!

I have been creating some of the coolest things professionally and have come to really enjoy bringing smiles and giggles or shock and amazement to kids and adults of all ages.

Firefly fan items

In My Blood

So I decided, with over four years knitting experience, and so much Mennonite quilting and sewing blood pumping through my veins, to start on a journey of using those traditional textile skills to create all things geeky, shiny, timey-wimey or evil dead in fuzzy-wuzzy and comfy cozy ways that most are surprised to see, for example, a plush gun or an alien quilt (a cuddly xenomorph-awe!)

And with the leap forward in fabric printing technology, I started designing my own fabrics and blew my own mind!

Supernatural Fan items

You dream it, I'll make it!

Now I can make nearly ANYTHING! Custom orders are my speciality, making almost anything you can dream up out of fabric, yarn or even 3D printed!

Not only does my crafting biz allow me to make kick ass gifts and practical geekery, this adjustable and adaptable crafting career allows me to continue to keep up my business and social media skills, earn income for my family and contribute to society!

Come out and say hi at the next event-I would LOVE to geek out with you in person!


Brenda at Comic Con with little niece - Shiny

Working Differently with Multiple Sclerosis
With many disabling symptoms, MS usually lets me look ordinary on the outside, but inside it destroys my nervous system. It has stolen portions of my vision, energy and my ability to walk on my own at times.  At other times, I do feel ok, but those times are often fleeting.
Despite these major assaults to my health, I battle to adapt, change and evolve to live a fulfilled life with MS. The term 'stellar evolution' does refer to astronomy, defined as the process by which a star changes during its lifetime and I felt it worked very well to define my journey on this 3rd rock from the sun!

Brenda living with Multiple Sclerosis

Yearly MS WALK Fundraising

I do have a passion to advocate for those with MS (like me) live better lives so I choose to donate $1 from every purchase to the MS Society of Canada. Donations are pooled into my MS Walk Team’s fundraising efforts each year!

Go Team Scrambled Legs!

MS Walk-team scrambled legs-winnipeg-manitoba