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Pond_Ripple aka Brittney Ray

Brittney Ray of Pond_Ripple

Brittney, who goes by the screen name pond_ripple, is a freelance artist that specializes in repeating designs for fabric and wallpaper. She currently hails from Little Rock, Arkansas where she lives with her mother, brother, and their pets. Her passions include drawing, painting, sewing, embroidery, reading, playing with animals, and making renaissance fair outfits. TV shows and movies also rank pretty high on that otherwise crafty list.

Her patterns cover a huge spectrum with bloody ink splatters, florals and happy animals (many inspired by her own pets), through to geometric prints or anatomical hearts, and the list goes on. Brittney is constantly adding new designs and new themes to her fabric shop. Most feature intense colors and bold outlines, and quite a few have a trendy faux linen or watercolor texture. There are also several cut and sew bags, pillows, and cheater quilts for the DIY-minded customer.

To get to know each of my collaborators a little better, I devised a series of difficult and skill testing questions which they had to answer in the form of a question, no, wait, that's Jeopardy....anywho, here is where we get to peek into the mind of an artist!

What is your favourite colour?
It's a tie between burgundy and teal as far as actual colors. Black also speaks to me, and so does silver, but those are technically considered shades ;)

What is your favourite medium to work in/on? Why?
I love painting in acrylics. It's been a few years since I have had all the supplies to do it. Pretty much the easiest way to lose half the things you own is to move! But it is by far my absolute favorite to work with. It just satisfies something within my psyche to paint with all those beautiful colors and watch everything come together. They are water soluble, which means that I don't have to deal with all the chemical mess of oils, and the colors are instantly vibrant with a short drying time.

What was the first image you can remember drawing?
The answer to this was harder than I thought it would be. Um, I've always drawn and colored. I can remember being upset when I broke my right wrist in kindergarten because it interfered with my coloring, but I can't recall what I colored. After that the most distinct memory I have is of tracing a huge Egyptian goddess and her wings for an art project in elementary school. We were doing it out in the hallway for some reason, and it's just a really vague snapshot of my childhood in my mind.

Find Pond_Ripple (Brittney) online:
http://offthematclothing.com/  (see- Ink Splatter designs)