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Sarah Anderson is an aspiring Astrophysicist in the south of France. She spends her free time - when she's not studying - designing a wide variety of things. From plush toys, to cross stitch, to knitwear, to book covers, she doesn't like to limit herself to any one thing. As if that much wasn't already evident from doing both physics and graphics!

As a huge fan of science fiction, as well as great TV, she draws inspiration from Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Trek, Welcome to Night Vale, as well as her love of outer space and all things geeky. When you call her a nerd, she takes it as the best kind of compliment. Her designs revolve around the fun of great fandoms, and each one is a learning experience for her. She loves meeting great people and making connections, and is always looking to expand her horizons with new projects.

S.E. Anderson has also, in her spare time in another dimension I imagine, written and published her first novel, Starstruck, a sci-fi comedy, where Sally has to find lost aliens, as well as a job, and stop the planet from getting incinerated in the process. 

You can find her novel Starstruck for purchase here:

To get to know each of my collaborators a little better, I devised a series of difficult and skill testing questions which they had to answer in the form of a question, no, wait, that's Jeopardy....anywho, here is where we get to peek into the mind of an artist!

What is your favourite colour?
Blue is tried and trusted: the dark, glowing blue of the night sky, lit alight by stars; to the bright blue sky on a cloudless day. My room might make you think I love apple green, but my true favorite is emerald green, the deep rich color of pine after rain.

What is your favourite medium to work in/on? Why?
This varies all the time. For a while it was polymer clay, then gouache paint, then embroidery floss, then oils, then back around again. My go-to style is thin ink lines, though you wouldn't see much of that in the work that I do now... Which kind of makes me want to work some more with it. Gosh, that is a tough question. Maybe I'll just say photography, that's my latest craze.

What was the first image you can remember drawing?
Bears. I was obsessed with teddy bears! My mother's an artist and had a pen in my hand before I knew how to walk. I used to draw teddy bear heads on sketches she had of clothing design.

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