Teeny Tinkers Dolls

Teeny Tinkers began Summer of 2019 when creator Rosie stumbled across the BJD hobby and fell in love with all the creative aspects of it.

Rosie from Teeny Tinkers Dolls

Hollow, her first fully realized BJD, was created to be the doll she wanted and couldn't find. A sweet bean who lives between human and cartoon, with sweet eyes, a button nose, and thick legs. She had a pre-order released recently.

bjd from teeny tinkers Dolls Hollow

She was made to stand like a brick, and be super sturdy for photoshoots without a stand. Her legs are made for stability and her upper body is made for pose-ability, with a beautiful tummy ball that helps her get into all kinds of poses and hold them!


Rosie asked Brenda to create her original glasses in a 3d printed version for her doll! Brenda enjoyed being asked to create Teeny Tinker's glasses, a reflection of their maker and a cute accessory to go with her lovely doll Hollow! You can find those glasses here

teeny tinkers doll hollow wearing glasses by stellar evolution designs


To get to know each of my collaborators a little better, I devised a series of difficult and skill testing questions which they had to answer in the form of a question, no, wait, that's Jeopardy....anywho, here is where we get to peek into the mind of an artist!

What is your favourite colour?
Mint Green.

What is your favourite medium to work in/on? Why?
Polymer Clay, at least for conceptualizing the dolls I make! I find it easier to bring a character to life in clay, and then replicate it in 3D software.

What was the first image you can remember drawing?
My dad used to show me how to draw little trees, very bob ross style, where it was a line, and a little squiggle coming down. I'd draw them for hours. 

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