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BJD SD Geek Glasses - Orange

BJD SD Geek Glasses - Orange

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For ball jointed dolls (BJD's) or DIY Funko Pop Vinyls, these classy yet nerdy glasses will smarten up the look of many SD sized dolls, Funko Pops or for an oversized adorable look on other sized dolls!

Pros of 3D Printed PLA Glasses:

  • Printed in a softer coloured plastic, not painted, there is no worry of paint rubbing off and marking up faces.
  • They are shipped flat for easier delivery. 
  • They are easily heated and moldable to fit your doll upon arrival to you! You get to do the shaping of the frames to fit your doll! You will receive instructions in your package but see below for all the details.
  • If you really wished to paint them, you could using nail polish, acrylic paint or enamel paints.
  • You could decorate them with bling! After shaping them, feel free to use crazy glue to place some shiny on your frames!
  • If you do modify them, I'd love to see them, so be sure to tag me on my dollie specific IG account @stellarbjdaccessories!


  • I designed these glasses based on scale models I'd love to wear! 
  • I 3D print them at home, and made sure they fit my SD doll. They may fit other dolls as well, see Measurements, andTIPS in How to Shape Them section below.
  • I ship them encased between corrugated cardboard for protection, as well as in a bubble envelope.


    • Height - 1.7 cm
    • Length - 4.9 cm
    • Width- 5.9 cm
    • Modeled by my 58" SD13 Dreaming Doll Elva BJD


  • Once bent, protect in a case when travelling.
  • Remove from doll when travelling to prevent scratches to faceups


  • The only tools you need will be a hair straightener (most precise way) or a dip into boiling water (less precise way), and a reminder that hot things are HOT, so please be careful!
Tools you will need to shape 3d Printed BJD glasses from Stellar Evolution Designs


  • Do NOT put hot glasses onto your precious doll to shape them!
  • Do not put hair straightener or boiling water next to your doll. 


  • To bend and adjust frames, simply put the frames against your dolls face, to see where you would like to bend the sides to fit them best. You can apply a litte pen mark if that would make it easier for you.
  • Set the hair straighter on low to medium, glasses only requires two to three seconds of heat for it to soften the plastic.
  • TIP: If white marks appear on your plastic as you are bending it, you are pushing too hard while plastic isn't heated enough
  • TIP: If your glasses are all gooey and saggy, you are heating it too long. Allow it to cool and try again, the plastic can be re-heated and re-shaped somewhat. Just a second or two is all it takes!
  • Place one side of your frame into the straighter and hold for 2-3 seconds, the plastic will get softer and you will be able to then curve the frame around the side of the straightener.
how to shape glasses - using straightener
  • Then place on a counter or table to hold the angle of the arm at 90 degrees, or a bit more if you would like it to stay a bit more firmly on your doll's head.
how to bend frames-rest on table to cool
  • Do the same to the other side.
  • You can also curve the front of the frame slightly to fit different face shapes or curve the ear pieces using this method. 
curving the front of glasses
curved purple glasses vs blue non curved glasses
  • TIP: if ear pieces at the end are too long/in the wrong spot, you can clip them off and curve and shape using this method to custom fit it to your doll! If they are too short, you could heat and stretch slightly to elongate the arm, though this may deform frame slightly.

  • Boil water
  • Place in a flatter dish, let it rest for about 30 sec-1 minute
  • Dip arm of glasses into water for 2-3 seconds till it gets ever so slightly soft or flexible, then remove, bend to desired angle and rest on table till it is set
  • Repeat for other side
  • Fine tune as per TIPS above to fit curve of face or ear pieces.

Instructions will also be shipped along with your glasses! 


    • In stock items will ship in 1-3 business days.
    • Please note: Should you have a particular timeline in mind, or if this item is a gift, please message me to let me know or visit our FAQ's for more info. 

    Save with bundle pricing!

    Get a set of 5 Geek Glasses includes all colours (black, green, purple, blue, orange*)!


    I create many things that can be customized so get in touch with me!

    *please note that colours shown may vary slightly from what is pictured due to variations in monitor settings and lighting conditions. 

    Please note: other items pictured not included in this listing

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